Phone mast

Vodafone still want to degrade our beautiful park with a phone mast at the Knap Lake and Gardens.

So let’s do our best to share our community voice of objection as our green areas in Barry are becoming more precious by the day.

As the planning inspectorate only seem to listen to planning details, the lovely Dennis Harkus of FocusBARRY has shared these guidelines for your response.

The proposed mast and associated equipment, by reason of their location, height and prominence, would represent alien and visually intrusive features within the context of the Barry Marine Conversation Area and the setting of the Cold Knap historic garden and park.

Accordingly, the proposal would neither preserve nor enhance the character and appearance of the conservation area and would harmfully impact upon the setting of the historic park and garden, contrary to policies SP10-10 Built and Natural Environment, MD2-Design of new development, MD5-Development with settlements and MD8- Historic environment of the Vale of Glamorgan adopted local development plan 2011-2026 as well as Planning policy Wales (9th edition), TAN 12-Design, TAN19- Telecommunications and TAN 24 - Historic Environment (2017).

The evidence does not satisfactorily demonstrate that an alternative site at Bron Y Mor car park is not viable, and accordingly, the operator has failed to sufficiently consider a site that would potentially minimise the impact upon the visual amenity of the surrounding area, in accordance with the advice and guidance regarding site selection found in TAN19 and paragraph 12.13.3 of planning policy Wales (9th edition).

Therefore this development should not be passed.

Glyn Pooley

Canon Street


Gull defence

WITH reference to the letter in the Barry & District News regarding seagulls.

They used to scavenge on their natural sources of shellfish and fish from trawlers, but over the last few years they have moved inland in search of food as the trawlers became few and far between.

The gulls then discovered a plentiful supply of food from our refuse in towns and at landfill sites that we have created.

Since changing our habits to food waste collections and more sturdy waste bags, their food supply is not easy to come by.

Add to that the developments on land and the fake grass introduction, things are getting tough for all of our wild birds.

Even though seagulls are considered a pest, the Hoopers maybe glad to know that they are under threat, some gulls are on the RSPB and British Trust ornithology’s Red List and others are declining.

They are very intelligent and how they steal food is a sure sign of this, they watch people and learn how to exploit food resources.

Humans created the throw away society and the gulls are simply grabbing a meal when they can.

Whether you mean to feed them or not you will not get rid of them in a seaside town and to refer to those who feed them or any wild birds for that matter as brainless antisocial beings is absurd.

We are all responsible for the throw-away attitude we created, including you.

We too are not without incidents of stealing food and coming under siege at nesting season!

T Abery

Laburnum Close


Can you help?

I am trying to track down any family or friends of an RAF airman from Barry, who was killed in WW2.

He was F/Sgt Henry Samuel Thomas, the son of William John Thomas and Jane Thomas (nee Jose). Their address in 1942 was 27 Wenvoe Terrace.

In April 1942 he was on board a Blenheim bomber that crash landed in Mayo in Ireland, and he received some injuries.

He was at that time courting Marjorie Pemberton of 63, Court Road, Barry, and she wrote to the Irish nurse who had helped remove the injured men from the aircraft.

The following December (1942), Marjorie and Henry married. Sadly, on June 1, 1944, Henry, by this time a member of Bomber Command, failed to return from a bombing mission, his aircraft being shot down over France.

Henry may have had a brother named William, four years younger than him. I am trying to contact family or friends of this airman, H S Thomas, in order to include him on a website tribute to the crew and their wartime experiences.

I can be contacted at the postal and email addresses below.

Dennis Burke

63 Lorcan Road


Dublin 9

D09 A562


Tourist resort

Do we give in to an incinerator in the heart of Barry? Waste from Hinkley Point?

If it poses no harm, why dispose in Welsh waters, National Resources for Wales?

It appears that we are now about to have a septic tank for treatment and disposal of raw sewage waste from Barry Yacht Club and adjoining former lifeboat station every month with NRW approval.

Our very own sewage farm in a residential area.

Do we say no if the yacht club is no longer fit for the purpose?

Give Barry their Marina. Let the spirit of Sir Raymond Gower and David Davies breathe life into Barry.

We are a tourist resort. Give us a chance to prove it.

The Old Harbour links two beaches and a cricket club. The yachts located in the Old Harbour would be a welcome sight to visitors.

A multi-storey car park with a viewing roof café catering for non-walkers to overlook railway and Marina housing cafes.

Maybe this time we will win.We certainly cannot afford to lose.

Joyce Rendell

Redbrink Crescent

Barry Island


With NRW, Welsh Government Departments and the Vale of Glamorgan, each denying responsibility for the AVIVA/incineration debacle, it’s no wonder people of Barry are outraged, frustrated and deeply disappointed. 

Despite numerous complaints and mounting evidence our elected members continue to procrastinate and pass the buck, each blaming the other and claiming it’s someone else’s duty.

Even Carwyn Jones is conspicuous by his silence. Hang your head in shame! 

It’s a disgrace to the people of Wales, and a disgrace to Welsh politics. 

We appear to have two separate sets of planning regulations. 

One for us mere mortals, consisting of reams of regulations and paperwork, and one set for AVIVA and its cohorts. 

If you want any plans passed, just make a hint (strongly) that you will sue.

Seems to work for big corporations. 

Or am I just being cynical

Kevin Irish

Via Email

Youth cuts

Just when you thought that the Vale Council couldn’t sink any further they just keep on surprising us.

The Vale council are now looking to cut Vale youth services by more than half.

This includes cutting front line staff from 48 to a massive nine, and also cutting council funded staff from 53 to 25 for the ages 11 to 25.

This could also affect youth clubs and holiday schemes.

Unison has hit out at this latest council hit as a wrong-headed decision.

How on earth can just nine staff carry on giving a service to these young people, some of whom are special needs?

What I find quite astonishing is the comments from Cllr Bob Penrose who states that the plans would “enhance support for young people” and provide “a sustainable service” in the future.

He also states that the council will increase contact with young people by by using a “mobile and agile workforce”.

He also states that the proposal does not seek to diminish support for young people but aims to enhance and improve how it is delivered. All this to save a miserly £63,000.

Cllr Penrose should resign now. The way this has been handled is shocking.

One other point, these councillors cutting staff, not just Vale youth staff but in general, should now look at themselves.

The Vale Council are cutting jobs and services yet they are not taking a hit themselves.

The time has come now for you councillors to trim the cloth and reduce your numbers by at least half.

I despair for the people of the Vale if this Tory administration runs for the full term.

The politicians of this country from Westminster right down to Vale are elected to serve and protect the people, not the other way around.

Come on Vale council we’re waiting.

DJ Radford

Coleridge Crescent


Harbour poem

DESPITE the evidence of spring

the breeze comes from the winter’s throat

and the rainbow of flowers in the bed

shiver under a slate-grey ether.

The ruined boats are most forlorn,

a tanker glides slowly and seagulls screech

and it’s low tide on Barry Harbour beach

with reservoir like a giant snake.

The train to the island thunders past,

empty unlike the summertime,

the Ferris wheel lies still today.

Weather does not stop dog walkers

but I love the peace at this time of year

as rain drips down my if a tear.

Guy Fletcher