SO HERE we go again, another Vale council brainwave.

Let's see if we can screw more money from the hard pressed residents of the Vale. Let's explore the possibility of bringing in parking charges for the Vale. Just where do these councillors come from?

Barry town centre is dying on its feet now, I wonder when a councillor managed to get his backside off his comfy chair and warm office to take a stroll up Holton Road. Almost every other building has an old retail unit with shutters down, I mean what does that tell you?

Where was this mentioned during the election campaign. The last time this was brought up was by the last Labour administration and they could see the issues and shelved it, but now with a Tory run council, we all know what the Tories are like.

If they bring this in then the people of the Vale must demand that the Tory council resign. This will kill Barry and probably other towns within the Vale. Sure, if the council want extra money then bring in parking charges for you councillors at the Civic Offices – and I call once again on the council to get rid of the very highly paid but useless CEO who struggles on over £140,000 a year, cut the leader's salary by £35,000 and abolish committee heads and the deputy leader.

How much more do these politicians think we, the people, have to spend? Just like that useless lot in Westminster and that clown we have in the Vale, people are struggling more now than in the last couple of years. So come on Vale council, how about for once using your heads? I know that's a bit difficult, but we, the public, are getting really fed up with getting nothing for our money.

D.J Radford

Coleridge Crescent