Dear Editor,

I have been reading the numerous articles regarding the proposed licensing of this biomass plant at Barry Dock.

I think this threat of licensing and start up has been hanging over all heads for far to long. What right does the Vale of Glamorgan Council have to make decisions that could possibly blight this area for years to come? They should not have even allowed this company to put the foundations down let alone allowed them to build this plant in such a highly populated area.

The people of Palmerstown, Sully, Lavernock, Dinas Powys, Cross Common Road, Sully Road, Redlands Road (North Penarth) and Cogan have suffered various smells and toxins for many decades from such plants.

We have had airborne smells from Midland Silicons,The Wolf Plant at BP, Dow Corning,Blagden Chemicals at the BP site and others on the same site, plus toxic smells from the Welsh Water treatment plant at Green Lane (Cog Moor).

Now Welsh Water want to erect a high chimney at the extension to their plant in Green Lane. The days of this pollution should be long gone , but they are not. The prevailing wind takes these smells up the increasing elevation from the Dow Corning complex, across Cog Moor, up and over Cross Common road, up to Hazelhurst then descending down to Cogan where it has a down drafting effect.

This biomass plant and the Welsh Water high chimney at their Green Lane treatment plant need to be stamped on with a very big boot before we all start to suffer from the effects .

Graham Vodden