THE Welsh Government and Vale of Glamorgan council need to set out their post Brexit strategy.

In a couple of years the UK will achieve independence from the EU. Brexit will provide the country with great opportunities, to once again embrace our historical role as a global trading powerhouse. To fully embrace the future by increasing our trade with Asia, South America and Africa; and to allow poor countries to trade with us by reducing harmful EU tariffs.

Barry and Penarth were built as hubs for trading with the world, rather than having a narrow focus on a small number of European nations. Once again our children will be able to view the world as a place of opportunity. As someone lucky enough to have gone to university in the USA, I know how valuable such opportunities are to youngsters.

It is no coincidence that Barry, like many UK ports, has experienced a period of decline whilst being part of the stagnating EU. So come on the Welsh Government and Vale council, set out the strategy to fully embrace the post Brexit future and ignore the legion of remoaners who want to hold this country back. We should start by seeking new partnerships with towns in Asia and Africa, the new global engines for growth.

Mike Pemberton