IT seems to happen earlier each year.

Stores decorated and the media announce the perfect present to purchase for Christmas.

The true meaning of Christmas becomes crowded out and is lost by all the trimmings.

Beware of keeping Christmas without the Son of God whose birth in complete conformity with God’s controlling schedule.

The wonder of Christmas is its simplicity.

At the time a traditional census held advising people to return to their place of origin.

The birth of Jesus was so natural and insignificant yet supremely different and unlike any other one.

Though born to ordinary village folk this baby was indeed a royal child.

This is a lesson we can learn, to recognise the humble beginning of Jesus but acknowledge God’s timing. “Spot on” exactly according to God’s will regardless of circumstances.

This was no fairy-tale but part of world’s history. Jesus was to be of the Davidic Line as Saviour of all human-kind.

This was certainly a surprise for the chosen parents Joseph and Mary despite the angel’s vision.

Mary in particular was in awe because she had found favour with God. Prior to the birth she quoted a song called “The Magnificat” which was full of praise and hope.

Jesus was the source of her joy and her obedience to follow in his way which turns the established values and expectation of present Society upside down.

Mary was the right person for such a big responsibility as she trusted completely and willingly the power action of the Spirit. This ‘Good News’ was not silenced at the start and will not be silenced now.

This is also relevant in our personal lives too as God’s timing is always perfect providing like Mary we are obedient to His will, not as a sombre duty but joyfully making our soul glad and full of praise for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! ‘God is with us’ is the real meaning of Christmas and may the light of his presence shine in every heart and home this Yuletide.

Take time out to reflect in present extravagant and materialistic age that Love came down at Christmas to help the helpless and under-privileged in society.

His unconditional love endures forever, so joyfully celebrate the birth of Christ with Mary the mother mild and Jesus her little child.

June Pooley