READING the recent articles on Barry Island Funfair owner Mr Danter it certainly makes grim reading.

I have also been somewhat taken aback by some of the comments coming from the Vale Council. I met Mr Danter several months ago before all this mess came about. He was really dedicated to making Barry Island the place to be. He had so many plans which he was looking to complete within a five year term.

One of the things that Mr Danter stated to me was that in all the time he was there, he had never met or even heard from the Vale council. Moving on from that first meeting, it seems Mr Danter has been flouting planning laws which could have put the safety of the public at risk.

The second Ferris wheel for example, what I do find really strange with the second Ferris Wheel is that one councillor has stated that they never knew there was a second Ferris Wheel arriving. Doesn't that really show how out of touch these councillors are? Probably most if not all of Barry knew but the council never did.

I don't really know where this will leave the funfair now. I don't condone what Mr Danter has done, lesson learnt I don't know. I think the council have an easy target to get their mits into, I wouldn't blame Mr Danter if he pulled the lot out and moved on.

One final point of note, the Vale Council seem to be very safety conscious on other people but not when it comes to themselves. The street lighting within Barry and the Vale is still turned off at midnight for, I assume, to save money.

Wasn't this why Mr Danter flouted the rules on the dodgem cars? And yet the Vale Council are doing exactly the same thing by turning our lights off. We, the people, pay part of our Council Tax for street lighting. Many streets in Barry are pitch black when these lights are turned off which in itself is a dangerous hazard.

If the council want to save money get rid of the CEO, cut the salaries of the leader and deputy and stop paying a disgusting allowance for committee councillors.

Councillors are elected to serve and protect the people. How about making a start on that by turning our street lights back on.

D.J Radford

Coleridge Crescent