After reading the article (regarding the threat to the 'Barry High' Ferris wheel) I couldn't help feeling sorry for Mr Danter and his dedicated family.

Since they have taken over the site at Barry Island they have improved it dramatically and I understand that Mr Danter's vision for the pleasure park is to restore it to its former glory.

I realise that there may be planning issues and teething problems regarding the Ferris wheel attraction and Mr Danter and his team are not in anyway exempt when it comes to safety legislation, but there does seem to be a negative undertone from the Vale of Glamorgan Council regarding the fairground.

If I understand it correctly, Mr Danter has rolled out plans to spend at least another 22 million pounds on the site in an ongoing effort to create a fantastic seaside attraction for all to enjoy for many years to come.

Let's be honest this must be good for the local economy of Barry and especially the businesses that rely on summer season transient trade. I would think that the many small businesses surrounding the fairground are happy with the progress Mr Danter has made and I am aware he has created new local jobs since taking over.

I don't want to embarrass Mr Danter, but I feel it is worth pointing out that Mr Danter is a multi millionaire and quite simply doesn't need the money. I had the pleasure of speaking with him briefly while I was visiting the park. He struck me as a humble man and one of the things he was passionate about was to give his visitors the best experience at the park at an affordable price. He told me that prices on the park for the attractions were around the same price as they had been twenty years ago.

With all this in mind maybe its time that the local community got behind the Danter family as they are clearly an asset. As for the local authority maybe you should share in Mr Danter's dreams for the future instead of vetoing his plans at every turn.

I'm sure Mr Danter's been on many enjoyable roller coaster rides in his life but I seriously doubt he's enjoying the roller coaster ride the Vale of Glamorgan Council are taking him on.

Yours sincerely,

C Griffiths