INTERESTING it would be to imagine the type of dance God would arrange. Perhaps not ballet as this involves years of training. Certainly not Come Dancing complete with judges and elaborate sequinned costumes. It may be a traditional North American dance which is connected to live and future ancestors and always a dance for peace and healing whenever or where ever it is performed before a mixed gathering of people. Alternatively, the dance chosen may be a simple and easy village barn dance where children and adults participate and wearing just ordinary clothing. This is simple to follow and is a matter of listening and obeying the caller’s instructions. It is amazing how unskilled and unfit folk can keep in tune and step with the music. Christ certainly knew how to enjoy himself, as he probably danced at the Wedding of Cana after turning the water into wine. There is in the Bible several passages that speaks of God turning mourning into dancing. On such occasions almost every culture’s song and dance used to express joy and sadness less. Any form of dancing requires human effort attention and discipline and takes much time and dedication. However, having lively and energetic power is provided by the Lord of the Dance! When people come together in this way they resemble Jesus more closely with a friendly attitude that attracts others to join too. Trust and fellowship alike effect behaviour and positive signs for community kindness. As Jesus told his disciples and is applicable to all followers: “By this everyone will know you if you have love for each other.” Jesus generates the perfect steps and tuning notes for us through his teaching and sacrificial love. Our ‘dancing’ must follow His Way as this will lead us on to some surprising twists and turns. Christ who makes the dancing music of faith has given us all we need for daily living and strength to escape from the corruption of present society. We have the potential to come participants of the divine nature and this helps our ‘steps’ to be in tune during every stage of our routine. The presence of Christ is everywhere, even the dance-hall and acknowledges the goodness of the righteous and can rely and depend on His Spirit to help us overcome any difficult moves. The Lord of the Dance directs and leads us aright.