HEALTH experts advise people to drink a certain amount of water daily. This may help to reduce heart attack besides giving skin a healthy glow. However, water can also cause great damage to trees, buildings, and delay transport moving during heavy flooding. The power of water often under-estimated especially for sea-water which may seem calm on surface but have strong undercurrents. Water is essential for life. In order for water to flow constantly from a reservoir the connection has to be right so it is able to travel through pipes on its own accord. We are unaware of what weather lies ahead but the goodness of God can be seen in the rain clouds as well as the sunshine. He leads us beside still waters regardless of surrounding circumstances Keep eyes fixed on the Lord and joyfully drink from his cup of salvation. Fortunately we are privileged at the turn of a tap to have hot and cold water instantly. This not readily available in certain areas of this world where water may be polluted or experiencing drought conditions. Jesus referred to himself as the source of Living Water for eternal life which he offered to the Samaritan women at the well At first this made little sense for her as she assumed he was talking about better drinking water. The old saying goes “ The proof of the pudding is in the eating” Here substitute accept, drink and taste this special water which she did and this available for future followers too. The fountain of life water provided by Christ renews and strengthens weary hearts nourishes and spiritually satisfies as it flows through unblocked channels. This eventually is a help for receiving wisdom and power when drunk enthusiastically to solve personal problems as the penny drops and as the deer pants so our soul pants for Him. Society today is full of confusion hatred and lovelessness as people are so involved with social and economical matters consider Christ’s offer nonsensical. This however fulfils his promise of remaining with us always. The teachings of Jesus not just a system of rules to be observed but an obedient life to be absorbed. Christ the fountain of all that is good, invites us to drink and be inwardly refreshed and spiritually satisfied. Count your blessings and never thirst again. Like a mighty river is the perfect peace of God.