WE would like to thank all the community who have shared their voice in opposing the inappropriate placing of a Vodafone mast at the entrance to a Green Flag park at the Knap.

Your signatures and letters have made a real difference in the decision to relocate the mast.

We would however like to send a clear message to Vodafone that we, the community, are their customers and mindful decisions on their behalf are really appreciated.

Our preferred site for the mast would be as far from local cafe's and visitors as possible, therefore the higher location and thus smaller mast would be better placed up near the railway track.

As there are many such masts placed near railway tracts from Barry to Cardiff this should not be a problem.

We look forward to a positive outcome and once again thank the community for their commitment.

Glyn Pooley

Highfield Road, Barry, and Nette and Dennis Harkus, Cornwall Rise, Barry