HERE we go again, pigs in an ever deepening trough.

Shocking, disgusting revelations that over £1.8million was spent on Government Credit cards in the past year.

Who on earth is spending our money,and in case Carwyn Jones doesn't understand the meaning of OUR money, ours the taxpayers. Nearly £2,000 on limos, over £3,000 on a luxury accommodation in a Chicago hotel, who was this charged too? Over £1,000 spent on visits to Zip World in North Wales, £3.63 spent on Moonpig, £2.00 spent in The Works, over £200,000 spent on flights. Does this include Carwyn Jones' own private Jet to France to watch a football match? The list just goes on and on.

As you would expect, a spokesman has come out now justifying this disgusting waste of taxpayers money. "The cards were used on official business," – so what business was that then? On the zipwire and the couple of quid on Moonpig?

All transactions must be separately approved by a senior official. Can I suggest this official is now sacked?

The buck stops with Carwyn Jones, his position is untenable and he should resign with immediate effect.

This news also comes out at a time when it has been announced that there has been a 30 per cent increase in foodbank use. We now have, for whatever reason, a massive increase in foodbank use while Carwyn Jones and his mob swan around the country and various parts of the world spending OUR money, with not

one care in the world.

I think it really is time that this talking shop in Cardiff Bay was abolished.


Coleridge Crescent