A HEALTHY appetite essential to enjoy physical and spiritual food.

One of the most powerful religious symbols is bread. Jesus, ‘The Bread of Life’, satisfies deepest hunger and sustains the weak regardless of colour, class or creed. Jesus feeds not just our bodies but our souls also. To be spiritually satisfied one needs to digest His word by filling hunger pains with the best diet of all.

The 'Bread of Life' sent down from heaven brings strength for all and satisfies eternally. Humans cannot live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. All the books and preachers in society cannot furnish us with a satisfying meal. Only but His word fills satisfactorily the vacuum within us.

There is no room for greed as God’s provision is for sufficiency, not surplus. His desire for us is that we live out our days with happiness and good health. Experiencing these according to our responsive attitude we can be joyful confident and peaceful.

'The Bread of Life' – not just a poetic and beautiful phrase but Jesus offering wholeheartedly His complete self, and willingly ready to meet our every need. He is not as a distant hero or a figure in a novel but someone who gave his all on Calvary’s Cross, fulfilling his promise not to leave us comfortless but providing His Spirit into grateful hearts.

He was betrayed by his friends, had nowhere to lay his head and recognised the worth of the widow’s mite. He is the author and finisher of true faith. Today we have labour saving devices, automatic appliances, videos, Ipods, yet can still feel restless and dis-satisfied. We feel like a deflated tyre as something still missing within us.

Thankfully Christ feeds our spiritual hunger by prayer and Scripture and is also the provider of our daily physical food. We can do nothing without Him but all things are possible with Him. Jesus talked about a new kind of provision – the 'Bread of life' sustaining the spirituality of the human race which will never decay or perish and available to all trustworthy followers.

The Lord’s Prayer which is universally spoken and prayed constantly includes “give us our daily bread” for physical and spiritual fulfilment. Bread satisfies the most basic human need which is ours to accept. It also depicts the difference between just existing and living abundant life.

By June Pooley