The UK government in the form of Michael Gove MP has been on the news several times this last few weeks espousing a greener economy and that includes clean air and hopefully, after speaking at the Royal Welsh Show to Lesley Griffiths AM, a commitment to the Circular Economy.

These two people are prime movers in the future of our health environment and economic direction of both Wales and the UK.

They both are saying we need to reduce carbon emissions, they both want a greener future.

Is this a lot of hot air?

There are proposals to clear our roads of diesel cars by 2040. This will happen well before unless we become the dump for car makers across Europe, no one in their right mind is going to invest in this technology knowing its value will plummet.

Yet there are proposals to force the people of Barry to breathe many of the same toxins and lung irritants on top of existing pollution levels by incineration of a natural resource not for power but to meet some obscure target or payment from an ill thought out government strategy (make profit at the expense of the tax payer’s money and health).

There are proposals under the Clean Air Act and Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act in a statement of policy guidance to local authorities issued by Lesley Griffiths AM on June 5 to carry out air quality management duties, low emission zones and or clean air


I may be a bit cynical but because Lesley Griffiths says, “I look forward to providing Assembly Members with a progress update on this work after the summer recess”.

Is this why Biomass 2 and Natural Resources Wales have given such a short consultation, August 28 2017 - a Bank Holiday weekend during the summer recess for objections to a 1000-page submission to be completed by the people of Barry.

To me this is a stunt that could only be dreamt up in the TV series Yes Minister.

Gemma Stauber

Cae Glas