DYFAN residents deserve hardworking, energetic and committed councillors representing them, and since Leighton and I were selected as candidates last year we have proven that we are willing to go the extra mile for the area.

There is no question that our efforts in conjunction with Alun Cairns to highlight issues around White Farm have helped to secure speedy improvements – from the installation of dog bins in the nearby park, to additional signage in parts of the estate. Our letters to the council and to the papers pressured the council to take action.

The same applies to our efforts in Highlight Park, which have led the council to undertake a survey of speeding issues on Lakin Drive.

On the incinerator, we are clear: we have long opposed it. It is regrettable that councillors of various parties voted for it. However, there was a Barry councillor in that meeting: Anthony Powell. Instead of opposing the incinerator, he abstained. He then voted against refusing planning permission. Dyfan residents elect people to take decisions and defend their interests – not to sit on the fence.

On Thursday May 4, Dyfan residents will have an opportunity to determine who is best placed to represent Barry over the next few years. We will continue to campaign for fairer council tax, to restore lost local buses, and to oppose inappropriate development.

Vincent Bailey,

Dyfan Candidate - Conservatives