I AM fed up with the worst kind of “would be” politicians.

Do any Dyfan residents really believe that the Conservative candidates standing are responsible for the replacement bins at White Farm?

I took this issue up with Cllr Anthony Powell in February, it was he who successfully had temporary bins installed and he kindly provided me with copies of his email correspondence with Mr Punter who is a director on the council.

Mr Punter responded to Cllr Powell on March 2, informing him that the bins were being replaced on March 3.

Well done Cllr Powell.

The Conservatives ably assisted by Alun Cairns, would have us believe that it is down to their efforts.

Their latest newsletter pushed through my letterbox deliberately misleads over the emotive issue of the Biomass plant when it states, “Sadly, Cllr Anthony Powell did not vote against”.

What they did not say was that Cllr Powell did not vote for it but abstained.

Isn’t it even more sad that every Conservative councillor present at that planning meeting supported the Biomass project and voted in favour of Biomass application.

These candidates are truly deplorable if they become Dyfan councillors we, the residents, will never get a straight answer from them.

They are trying to con Dyfan residents into voting for them.

I do not think that they are the right people to represent us in the Vale.

Paul Watkins,

Whitewell Road,