I AM extremely alarmed by the incinerator, and by the lack of consultation and information given to local people.

Barry has always been a tourist destination because of its outstanding coastal beauty and its parks and green areas.

After a long period of decline (when we lost our outdoor pool, cinemas and hotels) in recent years a great deal of investment has taken place in the town, particularly at Barry Island and the Pumphouse, and its reputation as a beautiful place to visit and to live is growing.

To build an incinerator now surely puts tourism back decades. Has any study been done on the impact upon tourism and the perception of the town if this goes ahead?

This will have a devastating impact upon the many local schools close to the site.

For younger children, the emphasis in the Foundation Phase is on outdoor learning through play. How can children safely play and learn outdoors when exposed to industrial pollution?

I cannot believe that this site is considered to be appropriate, when there are many more industrial sites further away.

The chimney stack, which is in line with the windows of neighbouring houses can give very high pulses of fumes in a home for short periods.

What are people in this situation to do? Not open their windows? Quite apart from the health issues, which will impact upon their families and their pets, the value of their properties are bound to be adversely affected. If they wanted to move, how could they sell their houses now?

Last but definitely not least – Ty Hafan hospice is an oasis of calm, peace and hope for terminally ill children and their families, yet in certain wind conditions can be impacted by the plume from the incinerator.

This wrong needs to be righted.

I can’t believe that it’s too late to stop this terrible blight upon our lovely town.

Alvine Westerland,

Somerset Road,