REGARDING DJ Radford’s letter of April 11, whilst I won’t comment on whether the Vale of Glamorgan Council deserves a nomination as the “Best Local Authority”, I feel I must take issue with the author’s comment, which read: “Here in Barry we have no cinema, no outdoor swimming pool, no leisure facilities for adults or teenagers”.

I feel very depressed when people take this attitude with Barry and wonder if they ever take the time to get out and about in our beautiful town or just spend their days wondering what they can be negative about next.

There are DOZENS of facilities and regular events across the town for adults, teenagers and children.

To name a few: The Memo Arts Centre (including a cinema), Barry Library, Jenner Park, Barry Leisure Centre, the weekly Barry Island parkrun, a Welsh Premier League football team we can all get behind next season, Romilly Park, Central Park, Victoria Park, Porthkerry Country Park, the Wales Coastal Path, three beautiful beaches, a fun fair, numerous sports clubs catering for all ages and abilities (tennis, football, cricket, martial arts, gymnastics or rugby anyone?), the Splashpad, free tennis courts across the town, great cafés and pubs, lots of live music every weekend, independent shopping, annual events that attract visitors from near and far including Cadstock, GlastonBarry, the Summer Weekenders, Cinema by the Sea, the Festival of Transport and the Friendship Tree Festival, lots of local theatre and dance groups and most importantly, a thriving community spirit that helps to weave it all together.

I appreciate many of these things are not provided by the council but show me a local authority that does provide non-stop entertainment for its residents these days?

Times have changed and I’d urge anyone feeling depressed or hard done by about living in Barry to actually get out there and see what the town has to offer. You might just surprise yourself.

Rhian Lees,

Romilly Park Road,

Chair of Pride in Barry