I WAS surprised to read that a ‘project spokesman’ for Biomass UK No 2 Ltd reported ‘incorrect information’ circulating about the incinerator planned at Barry Docks during his meeting with Alun Cairns MP and Jane Hutt AM last week.

The focus of the Dock Incinerator Action Group (DIAG) has been to ask questions about the licensing application documents of Biomass UK No 2 Ltd and campaign for an Environmental Impact Assessment. DIAG had asked to attend this meeting and although Alun Cairns and Jane Hutt had agreed, the incinerator company refused.

We invite Biomass UK No 2 Ltd to meet with us to provide more information and answer our questions. If they really do ‘welcome constructive suggestions from the local community’, as they claim, I am sure they will jump at this opportunity.

We understand that consultation will continue beyond May 8 as information is outstanding from Biomass UK No 2 Ltd.

This also needs to be clarified, checked and consulted upon. We call upon NRW to ensure that the local community are allowed to fully participate in this process under the terms applicable to sites of high public interest.

Whilst Biomass UK No 2 Ltd ‘expect to be fully operational by the year-end’ we suggest that they recognise that any delays in submitting the licence application and in treating it as ‘high public interest’ are of their own making, and the processes that follow cannot and should not be rushed.

I noted that having met with Biomass UK No 2 Ltd both Alun Cairns and Jane Hutt stated their continued opposition to the scheme.

We believe that this project is too polluting and poses a risk of fire close to thousands of homes, to schools, businesses, rail and shipping. We look forward to meeting with Biomass UK No 2 Ltd to put these concerns to them in person.

Alexis Liosatos

DIAG chairman

Kingsland Crescent