VALE Council leader Neil Moore is either misleading the public when he says that the Vale planning committee did not approve the biomass gasification plant on Barry Docks (Letters, April 6), or he has forgotten the most controversial planning decision made under his five year council leadership.

I was present at the planning committee’s two hour debate on July 30, 2015, which is available to view on the Vale council website. At the end of the discussion, Plaid Cymru Cllr Nic Hodges asks committee members to reject the application while Labour Cllr John Drysdale asks the committee to support the plans.

In the votes that follow, the video shows Plaid Cymru councillors voting against the plant being built whilst most of the Labour councillors join forces with the Conservatives to vote in favour of building the biomass gasification plant, which was passed by 11 votes to five, with two abstentions.

The question stands: was Vale council leader Neil Moore incompetent in claiming that the Vale planning committee had not supported the application, when they clearly did, or was he lying when he said that they had not?

Ian Johnson


Plaid Cymru