ALTHOUGH I agree with Carwyn Jones in his predictions that Labour will face big losses on May 4, I disagree with his fundamentally wrongful views on Independent candidates.

I think he only has to take a look at the opinion polls just to see how far Labour has slumped.

The party will do badly because people no longer have a faith in his party one that is bitterly disunited and deeply split.

Of course one of the main threats to Welsh Labour are the 714 Independent candidates who are standing right across Wales.

Myself being one of these who will be challenging Labour in their own heartland.

However, he states that Independents do not have programmes and principles

– which I have to say is wrong.

We certainly do have a programme... to take party politics out of local government.

And our principles are known as the “Bell Principles” – so that shows just how out of touch he is.

Richard Bertin

Independent candidate

Barry Court Ward