I WOULD like to know what Aviva/Biomass are afraid of that they haven’t had an Environmental Impact Assessment survey done as a matter of course.

If they were confident of a good result it would have been done even if it was just to put the people of Barry’s minds to rest.

Has the fire station been contacted to do a risk assessment on the incinerator to state how they would cope if there was a fire?

An action plan on evacuation if necessary?

How safe the storage of the wood is on the site?

How will our roads cope with the wear and tear?

There are so many questions on this company and site, so many problems on there other sites, yet no-one is giving the people of Barry’s health and safety a second thought.

This was where our leisure businesses were going to be as part of our regeneration.

Who is going to invest in this area now?

Who is going to want to sit socialising by this monstrosity?

Another 1,500 houses to be built across from the incinerator?

As soon as this company showed the first problem they should have been stopped from building any other until they could prove the safety for the public in all aspects.

Mrs C Clissett

Woodlands Road