I WAS deeply disturbed when I learnt of the ‘incinerator’/’Gasification Facility’ – depending who you talk to – being currently built by Biomass UK in Woodham Road.

Whatever it is surely it is bound to give off some sort of fumes, which, given the site this ‘facility’ is being built on are very likely to be trapped by the surrounding hills Barry is built on, or the low-lying cloud that is a regular feature of our weather, or both together.

It is too close – within easy walking distance – of the town.

What would happen if the material piled ready to be incinerated caught fire?

The site is right next to land where further planned regeneration and improvements, leisure facilities, retail premises, offices, a further education college and also a university campus are proposed.

I can’t imagine much of that happening with an incinerator just down the road.

The only way to stop this being foisted on the town is, I am told to formally complain to Natural Resources Wales – NRW, T? Cambria, 29 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 0TP permittingconsultations@naturalresourceswales.gov.uk and quoting application number: PAN-000869. By a deadline of May 8.

If there are not enough objections received by that deadline a licence will be granted and the thing will become operational. We are drinking in the “Last Chance Saloon”.

The councillors that actually represent Barry town are keen to develop our greatest asset – seaside and fresh air.

We already have a cement works, a crematorium, a massive chemical plant, two power stations and an airport – do we not have enough air pollution already?

David Alexander

Heol Gylfinir