CLLR Moore – you should be ashamed of yourself. After reading your comments in the Barry & District News, l felt so aggrieved I had to put pen to paper.

How dare you accuse other councillors of scaremongering re: the Biomass plant at Barry Docks.

How dare you undermine the intelligence and integrity of the people of Barry.

The people of Barry are not stupid, a great deal of investigation and exploration has gone into proving, by them, that this project is flawed in many ways i.e. health and safety issues, environmental issues, safe access, to name but a few.

It is because of these issues, the people of Barry do not want this plant, in an already heavily polluted area and that no permit should be granted.

Cllr Moore, why is there a chimney coming from within the plant, do you think that only fresh air will be released into our atmosphere? Would you like this plant within a stone’s throw of your home – as it is with many of the residents in Barry?

Mr B Bishop

Port Road East