NEIL Moore, Vale Council leader has now come out all guns blazing slamming those political parties and residents who have the tenacity to oppose, let’s call it an incinerator, that is currently taking shape on the docks not far from a housing estate.

Neil Moore has stated that the rumours coming from various organisations namely Plaid Cymru and Friends of The Earth are deplorable, and that they should be ashamed of themselves.

Mr Moore goes on to state that some of the reports are scaremongering at the worst level and called it nonsense from Plaid and Friends of the Earth, well Mr Moore is as it seems the expert, and says that these scaremongering reports are causing a great deal of distress to many people. What people is that then Neil?

So there will be no thick plumes of smoke emitting from the plant, or any other emissions should all the fail safe systems fail which can happen. Perhaps then Neil why is there a massive stack pointing to the sky, is it catching pigeons?

Our leader states that the process converts solid and liquid waste into a gas through a chemical reaction, I worked in the chemical industry for more than 36 years so perhaps Mr Moore and his expert knowledge could tell us is this waste solid and liquid flammable, what is the chemical process to turn these elements into a gas, is the gas flammable and or toxic, what safety features are installed that is sprinklers on the stack or deluge systems?

We look forward to your detailed explanation.

DJ Radford

Coleridge Crescent