I REFER to your front page article about the energy from waste plant on Barry Docks.

I would be grateful to clarify some issues, as it seems that some people believe that I support the building of it.

I do not and I have fully supported my Labour colleagues who have been fighting this 2008.

The purpose of my comment was to set out the detail of the planning process and also let people know how they can object and make their voices heard (as I have to NRW).

I was concerned that local residents were being misled by inaccurate statements which I felt, and still feel, are more about political point scoring than supporting local residents.

I also wanted to confirm that as the plans had been approved not by the Vale’s Planning Committee, but by the planning inspector appointed by Welsh Government.

That being the case the matter now rests with Natural Resources Wales (NRW) to issue an Environmental Certificate or not. I confirmed that they were consulting on that process and if anyone had any objections and evidence that they should write to NRW, requesting they refuse the certificate.

The other reason was because I object to people making, what I consider to be false claims, about the process that the plant would use to generate electricity.

Finally, I should confirm that I did not make the comments as the council leader and sent in the comments from my private email account and as someone who lives on the windward side of the potential plant.

I also believe that councillors should not be blamed for something they were not responsible for.

Neil Moore

Cardiff Road