BARRY Town United fans are celebrating after a judge ruled that the decision to refuse them entry to the Welsh League was unlawful and ordered that they be placed in Welsh League Division Three next season.

The decision will be ratified during a meeting of the FAW Council next Wednesday, August 14, and there will be 17 instead of 16 teams in Division Three for one season to accommodate Barry Town United.

Barry Town United will also have two thirds of their costs paid for by the Football Association of Wales.

Judge Anthony Seys Llewellyn ruled that the decision taken by the FAW Council on June 13 to reject the domestic committees recommendation that Barry Town United be placed in Division Three was unlawful and through his supervisory jurisdiction recommended that the matter be overturned.

In passing his judgement he said: "A decision is not to be ruled unlawful unless it is outside the range of reasonable responses of the decision maker.

"The role of the FAW is to improve the game of association football and to promote, regulate and control it in the interest of fair play, particularly through the youth and development programmes.

"The domestic committee had this in mind on May 13 when the members expressed their disappointment and concern that Wales's largest town was without a league club in associated football in the 2013/14 season."

Judge Anthony Seys Llewellyn ruled that Barry Town United had failed in their argument that they had a contractual relationship with the FAW after they had  paid the bills for Barry Town AFC Ltd for the last two seasons.

Barrister Nick de Marco, representing the FAW, had argued that Barry Town United AFC and Barry Town AFC were two separate legal entities and, despite the fact that the Barry Town Supporters Committee had funded the club over the last two seasons, this did not make them de facto owners as it was not uncommon for supporters to raise money for their respective club.

Manager Gavin Chesterfield said after the court case: "It's a sad day that we had to come to court. However, it was necessary.

"We are obviously delighted with the outcome with the court recommending that we be placed in Division Three for the upcoming season and that this decision will be confirmed by the FAW Council on Wednesday."

He added: "We say this is a significant victory for the people of Barry and all that have been following the club over many years.

"Lastly we are thankful to the FAW for their conduct in the court and we look forward to participating in their leagues."

The FAW said in a statement following the case: "The Football Association of Wales accepts the decision taken by the High Court in Cardiff today.
"The Association will be acting upon the recommendation made.
"An FAW Council meeting will take place on Wednesday.
"The Association will be making no further comment."