Toby Rhodes-Matthew, from Llantwit Major is taking the jump to run in the up-coming UK general election. 

Mr Rhodes-Matthew and the Reform Party UK Team arrived at Barry Town Square on June 2nd to announce his candidacy. 

He told the Barry & District the team was welcomed by people wanting to know more of what he and his party can do for the Vale. 

Mr Rhodes-Matthew said:  “As a resident of Llantwit Major, we have witnessed first hand the challenges our communities face. For the past 14 years, we have experienced Tory betrayal and neglect. It is time for genuine representation, transparency, and reform.”

The Reform UK party is promising NHS waiting lists to zero (although the NHS is devolved in Wales so a matter for the Welsh Government), to reduce the main corporation tax rate from 25 per cent to 20 percent, two year undergraduate degrees and a freeze on ‘non-essential’ migration.