A COMMUNITY has been thanked for its “incredible” support after a children’s area was completely destroyed.

On June 7, staff and pupils returned to Rhws Primary School, in Rhoose, to discover their Rangers Area – a small woodland area which the children helped build and are responsible for – had been destroyed.

Tara Williams – who leads the Rangers which aims to help children build resilience, confidence, independence, and learn new skills – said: “Our equipment had been smashed, including our mud kitchen and pots and pans.

“The yacht sail covering our fire and seating area had been slashed. Some tools had been snapped, trees uprooted, pots broken, shed door broken, two of the vegetable gardens had been flattened. Bottles has been smashed making it really unsafe for pupils and wildlife.

“The children were devastated but, in true Rangers spirit, were determined to help clear it up and get it up and running. One Ranger even brought in his pocket money that he had been saving to help pay for repairs.”

Staff were “shocked and disappointed” by the discovery, and a GoFundMe page was set-up aiming to raise £1,000. The page has raised more than double the target amount.


“The support from the community has been incredible and completely overwhelming,” said Ms Williams.

“It just goes to show how important the school and the welfare of the children is to Rhoose residents. Along with the money raised, we have been inundated with offers to help rebuild broken structures, replace equipment, and to come in and clear up the area.

“Local businesses (who have suffered themselves this past year) have also been very generous.”

Along with being able to replace the broken items, the extra funds mean they can enhance the area further.

The GoFundMe is available at https://bit.ly/3wIGn3T