A BARRY vet who was struck off for misconduct four years ago has had his third appeal dismissed by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Maurice Kirk of St Donat's, Llantwit Major, who practised at a surgery at Tynewydd Road, Barry, had been convicted of criminal offences relating to violence and antisocial behaviour, for which the college's disciplinary committee found him unfit to practise veterinary surgery at a hearing in May 2002, and directed that his name be removed from the veterinary register.

He was struck off in January 2004 when his appeal against this decision was turned down by the Privy Council.

Mr Kirk's first and second applications for restoration to the Register were refused in January and November 2005 respectively.

After Mr Kirk's last hearing in November 2005, the committee set out a number of questions for him to answer if he wanted to be put back on the register.

After a four-hour hearing though, the committee decided that Mr Kirk had not addressed these questions sufficiently and that his application be dismissed.

The committee advised Mr Kirk that its powers were limited to the consideration of his application and it was unable to reopen or reconsider earlier matters, or conduct an appeal against any of the earlier decisions.

At the college's request, the committee also made a number of directions attached to the judgement to ensure that any future application was not frivolous, had a reasonable chance of success and did not seek the determination of irrelevant issues.

Mr Brian Jennings, chairman of the disciplinary committee, said: "It is for Mr Kirk to demonstrate to us that he is a fit and proper person to be restored to the Register of Veterinary Surgeons and practise as a veterinary surgeon.

"He must also demonstrate to our satisfaction that his restoration to the Register would not adversely affect the welfare of animals, would not put the public at risk and would not damage the good reputation of the veterinary surgeons' profession."

Mr Kirk told the Barry & District News that he is launching an appeal next week against the decision.