A BARRY adventurer who rowed naked across the Atlantic Ocean will swap his birthday suit for thermals for his next challenge!

Firefighter John Haskell has begun gearing up for the next ambition on his list – following in Captain Scott's footsteps with a walk to the South Pole.

But instead of racing against a Norwegian - as Captain Scott did against Roald Amundsen with the ill-fated Terra Nova Expedition - John is teaming up with Norwegian and fellow Talisker Atlantic Challenge rower Tronde Erichsen for their Polar Dash.

John and firefighter colleague Jamie Windsor completed their Atlantic Dash rowing challenge - from La Gomera to Barbados - in 45 days, ahead of a forecast three months at sea, and in fourth place out of a field of 17.

And the dad-of-two is aiming to again raise money for Breast Cancer Care and also a local charity, yet to be chosen, as he bids to become one of the few to hoist the Welsh flag at the South Pole.

John, 43, now of Rhoose, said: "The problem coming back from the row, was there was a gap in my life.

"It was like holiday blues times a hundred. I just feel that I've got to get on with something else.

"Everybody has a mental 'bucket list' of things they want to do, and after the row, I know anything is possible!

"Even while still on the ocean, I was going through all sorts of plans in my head," he added.

"My mates are calling me a 'nutter' - but other people say 'I wish I could do that'. I would say to them, you can - it's all about 'The Dash'."

John and Tronde have set aside two years to plan and fundraise for their South Pole mission - preparations which, for John, will include treadmill runs in a cold storage facility and a survival course in Norway. Team Polar Dash will each need to pull a 100kg sled and consume between 8000 and 10,000 calories a day.

"The hardest bit is the fundraising - it's going to be a big, hard slog," said John.

"I'm hoping the ocean row will help with the sponsorship, and with corporate interest."

Wife Sian, 40, added: "I think John is completely bonkers! He hates the cold and gets the winter blues.

"But having said that, I trust his judgement – and having gone through the pain barrier of him crossing the Atlantic in a rowing boat, I am sure we will cope with it!"

Anyone who would like to talk to John about his next challenge can attend his Atlantic Dash talk at Terra Nova, Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay, at 7pm next Thursday, April 19.

Alternatively, potential Polar Dash sponsors or schools/groups wanting John to give a talk about his adventures can contact him via the website www.atlanticdash.co.uk