ATLANTIC Dash duo John Haskell and Jamie Windsor have celebrated Christmas at sea, having completed more than a third of their 3,000-mile rowing challenge.

The naked firefighters have spent a strange festive season, with John – who has been rowing under the night stars to the sound of Metallica – hallucinating about snakes in the waves and speaking to an old lady on a bike.

He has also been washed off his seat and fighting with flying fish that refuse to leave the boat.

The exhausted rowers spent Christmas Day ploughing on through the water, but took time out to open their Christmas stockings, pull crackers - John found a water pistol in his - and celebrate with chocolate and whisky for breakfast. Lunch was Thai green curry.

Jamie received a video made by family and friends with Christmas messages, and John opened fingerprint jewellery made by daughter Megan and son Morgan.

Two new t-shirts replaced the two the dad had lost over the side when he was trying to wash them, and his children's gift of Johnny Fartpants boxer shorts replaced his current pairs.

Meanwhile John's dad, also John, and his partner Cindy named a star for Atlantic Dash to guide them on their way.

Other gifts included musical flashing ties and Santa socks to go with their birthday suits.

Christmas games involved naming the waves - sledghammers to the side of the boat, and their all-time favourite Fissure Splitters.

John's wife Sian said: "They are both exhausted but keeping going in good spirits and enjoying the wildlife.

"Calmer weather means they can dry out a bit and enjoy cooking and sorting the boat out following rough weather, but it means they are having to row harder."

And she said the pair are doing well, despite some of the other teams in the challenge having problems.

"There have been several retirements with one boat sinking and one boat turning twice with injuries to the crew," added Sian.

"Some rowers are suffering with terrible sores needing antibiotics, but John and Jamie seem to be keeping on top of any medical issues.

"They are covered in salt and not really enjoying the food, but it's all part and parcel of the challenge and they knew that."

She added: "Megan and Morgan are desperately missing John, as am I."

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* She is also looking for anyone who may want to help get the family to Barbados to be reunited with John and Jamie when they arrive.

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