A BARRY tattooist is offering women the chance to join in the annual men's Movember fundraiser – by tattooing moustaches on their fingers!

Lee Clements, of Chameleon Tattoo Parlour, is completing the artwork as part of ‘Movember’, the initiative that aims to help raise awareness of prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

During November, men are asked to grow moustaches and raise money for charity through sponsorship.

After taking part in the tattoo convention ‘Ink for Heroes’, where tattooists inked cupcakes on to people to raise money for the charity Help for Heroes, Lee decided to offer women the chance to join in Movember too.

The tattoo artist, who is growing a moustache himself as part of the cause, said: "We have a team of seven guys growing moustaches, and the girls are having moustaches tattooed on their fingers.

"I thought that as we are taking part in Movember, we could offer women the opportunity to join in too!"

For a £10 donation to the Movember Foundation, people can have the moustache finger tatoo – and ten people have already gone under the needle, with more expected to join them before the end of the month.

Harriet Tutton, Lee’s fiancée, had ‘The Connoisseur’ moustache tattooed on her right index finger yesterday (November 16).

"It’s all for charity and I think it’s a brilliant idea," she said.

"I love the moustache, and it’s not too visible so I can hide it if I want."

Lee has raised more than £150 already and is hoping the final total will reach more than £500.

To sponsor Lee and his team, search for Lee Clements on http://uk.movember.com or go to the Chameleon Tattoo Parlour on Broad Street Parade, where you should also call in if you want a moustache tattoo.