ATTEMPTS by Barry's 'flying vet' to bring criminal charges against a former chief constable, psychiatrist and solicitor were thwarted by a judge last week.

66-year-old Maurice John Kirk, who now lives in Brittany, France, attempted to summons the three at the Royal Courts of Justice in London and Cardiff Magistrates Court - on June 28 and June 29 respectively.

He had asked the judge for leave to summons them, believing they had conspired against his welfare during the course of previous legal proceedings and other matters.

But Judge Martin Brown refused the application to issue a summons, saying he saw the application as one borne out of "delusion" and "paranoia".

He said: "To issue a summons would be unjustified and outrageous."

Mr Kirk, a former drinking buddy of the late actor Oliver Reed, made international headlines after landing his light aircraft near the then US President George W. Bush's ranch in April 2008.

He said he had wanted to try to thank the President, after the US Coastguard had rescued the former vet from sharks in the Caribbean when his plane crashed in the water on his round-the-world trip. Following the judge's decision last week, Mr Kirk announced he would appeal.