A SULLY author who served as an RAF Filter Officer in the Second World War will be giving a talk about her wartime experiences at Barry Library on Saturday (May 21).

Eileen Younghusband, who is now 89, will also be signing copies of her new book One Woman’s War, which recounts her time working as an RAF Filter Officer in the Filter Rooms of RAF Fighter Command.

One Woman’s War, which will be officially released on Eileen’s 90th birthday on July 4, details the work of women in the Filter Rooms, who used the Radar system to identify whether aircraft flying over Britain were friend or foe.

They would also give air-raid warnings and assist air sea rescues.

"I have dedicated it to the girls of the filter rooms who have never been given the recognition they deserved," she said.

"There was a chain of Radar stations around the coast, but Radar was in its infancy then.

"The Filter Rooms were the linchpin of the Radar system."

Eileen, of Cog Road, will be joined at Barry Library by Dr Jonathan Hicks, headteacher at St Cyres Comprehensive School in Penarth and author of newly-published novel The Dead Of Mametz.

During the talk Eileen will also be commenting on a film which recounts the work of the women in the filter rooms.

"I’m showing a film taken in November 1943 during an evening watching at Fighter Command headquarters in Stanmore, Middlesex," she said.

Eileen has contributed to a forthcoming documentary series, D-Day to Berlin, to be aired on Channel 4 in the autumn.

She has also been in talks with a production company about turning aspects of her life into a drama series focusing on the people who worked behind the scenes during the war.

Eileen has previously been interviewed by Hugh Turnbull as part of the BBC Radio Wales documentary My Secret War in 2009.

One Woman's War by Eileen Younghusband is published by Candy Jar Books, priced £15.99. It is available for pre-order from www.onewomanswar.co.uk For every book sold online a £1 donation will be made to Help for Heroes.

Exclusive advanced print editions of the book will be available at Barry Library for £9.99.