A BARRY schoolteacher is waiting on a congratulatory call from Doctor Who, after he single-handedly broke the sci-fi hero's most terrifying enemy - a Dalek!

Year 5 Romilly Primary teacher Simon Gibbon disarmed the enemy as the villain, worth £30,000, invaded the school to check out the pupils' film and drama studies as part of Welsh theme week.

Year 3 youngsters encountered the Dalek after model specialist Simon Hooper loaned him to the classroom for a day, and expressed concern that headteacher Kelvin Law had possibly been abducted by the gold-coloured monster following his absence the day after the Dalek's visit.

Pupils spent last week focusing on activities such as writing scripts, designing puppets, and looking at well-known Welsh people, emblems, film and television. And the Dalek, on a well-earned day off from shooting scenes in South Wales, showcased Welsh-produced drama in between staff room breaks.

Year 3 pupils Morgan Wallington and Ffion Spence, both seven, and Ellie Ingram, eight, said the Dalek had been ‘cool’ and ‘amazing’.

Year 3 pupil, Ella Forsyth, seven, said: "It was really funny when the teacher told us (LSA) Mrs Harfoot was inside.

"Everyone was really scared because we didn't know it was Mrs Harfoot, and the boys kept on screaming.

"It was really loud."

Morgan Bow, seven, said the Dalek had been amazing, but added: "I didn't scream though." Year 3 class teacher Deborah Davies said they had wanted to move away from Welsh stereotypes, but look at other aspects of the country and its people.

"The children have been so excited they couldn't sleep and the staff have absolutely loved it," she added.

"It's been a bit of a responsibility looking after it, but it's something the children will remember."