NEIGHBOURS in a Barry street have cried foul after years of finding dog mess on their pavements – despite a £1,000 penalty for offending owners.

Aneurin Road residents Joan Jones and Joan Osgood have urged the Vale Council to enforce the fine on owners who fail to clean up their act and dispose of the waste responsibly.

The pair said trouble-makers have also removed used dog-poo bags from an open top bin on the nearby green and throw them into nearby bushes.

Mrs Jones, 69, said the road is popular with dog walkers because of the green.

"People are letting their dogs use the street as a toilet and they don’t pick it up," she said.

"When they do they throw it into bushes."

Mrs Osgood, 88, added: "Next thing we’ll be having horses coming along here."

Vale Council operational manager for waste management and cleansing, Clifford Parish, said there would be fouling in streets and open spaces as long as dog owners continued to act anti-socially and illegally by failing to clean up after their animals.

He said: "It is disappointing that we can not educate the minority of dog owners who still refuse to act responsibly and clean up after their dogs.

"Not only do we provide free dog fouling bags but also considerable litter bins where dog excrement can be placed.

"We take this crime very seriously and although we have limited resources to police every piece of the Vale, we will take strong enforcement action against anyone committing the crime of not picking up their dog’s mess.

"The very fact that we have warning signs at Aneurin Road and other areas in the Vale shows that we do take enforcement action to try to address this activity."

He added: "While I would be happy to arrange for some additional enforcement officers to visit Aneurin Road, this needs to be done in consideration of the need to also patrol all the other areas of the Vale that feel they have a similar dog fouling problem.

"We really do need the help and support of our residents if we are to achieve the possibility of eradicating dog fouling crime."

To report dog fouling, call the council’s enforcement officers on 01446 700111.