A STRANGE light was spotted in the sky above Barry on Sunday night.

Biomedical scientist and 'non-believer' Jeff Dyas, of Wenvoe Terrace, said the light was so bright 'it couldn’t have been a plane'.

He said: "I know we are on the Rhoose flight path and we are used to the light from planes, but this wasn’t a plane.

"It was very bright and different, electrical-looking.

"It was a yellow light travelling westward and took about 90 seconds to pass across the west end of Barry, rising to pass over the houses. It made no sound.

"I am sure there is a rational explanation as I don’t believe in aliens!"

Mr Dyas, a hospital worker, said it looked as though it passed over the West End of Barry near lower Romilly Road at around 10pm.

As yet, the light is unexplained.

The Vale Council confirmed it did not run any events on that evening that could have resulted in lights in the sky.

Chief executive, John Maitland Evans, added: "We have no explanation for the mysterious lights and can confirm it was not the result of any council activities.

"If aliens are drawn to the Vale, as a result of the recently announced £9m regeneration investment or because the first Gavin and Stacey episodes have finally reached the far corners of the known universe, we are ready to welcome them with open arms – or whatever limbs the creatures might possess!"

Barry is no stranger to unexplained lights in the sky – a video of bright orbs floating over Barry can be seen on Youtube, and sightings of orange lights over the town on January 7 were reported by five members of the public.