A VALE vet has been banned from the offices of his governing body after his latest run-in with the authorities.

Police had to be called to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons when Maurice Kirk swore, made unfounded allegations and threatened to have a solicitor arrested.

Kirk, aged 60, of St Donat's, Llantwit Major, was banned from working as a vet last year after he amassed a string of court convictions and was abusive to members of the public when treating an injured dog.

The qualified pilot, whose plane crash-landed in Japan last month, applied to be re-admitted to the register but was barred from the London headquarters of the college and told he will never work as a vet again.

Dubbed the Flying Vet, Kirk has picked up 20 convictions since 1995 and been ordered to pay 25,000 in fines and costs.

Kirk represented himself at the hearing and claimed his convictions should not mean the end of his career.

But after his outbursts, the police were called and two officers sat at the back of the meeting room while the panel's decision was given.

Kirk failed to turn up for the judgement and left his belongings in the meeting room.

Chairman Brian Jennings said Kirk had spent hours discussing irrelevant points and had not persuaded the panel he would adhere to the college's professional standards.

"After addressing the committee for some four-and-a-half hours, Mr Kirk completely failed to demonstrate that he can be trusted to behave in a professional manner," said Mr Jennings.

"Central to Mr Kirk's problem is his failure to recognise that as well as the convictions themselves, his behaviour surrounding the convictions was a major cause of his removal from the register.

"Judging by his past performance in 1984, 1988 and 2002 and generally, it is perfectly apparent that his intransigent attitude to authority and abusive, contemptuous and inflammatory language used in addressing the committee and his arrogant and aggressive attitude towards the college, remains unchanged.

"Indeed his attitude has worsened since he last appeared.

"It is very worrying that he appears to have no insight into his obsessive belief of a conspiracy against him by almost everyone in this case, which included those who brought prosecutions against him in south Wales.

"This was deeply disturbing to the committee.

"The committee feels that whatever Mr Kirk may say from this point on, even at its highest, there would not be the remotest chance of persuading them to restore Mr Kirk to the register."

Mr Jennings' final word was to ban Mr Kirk from entering the building without express permission from the registrar.

He was found guilty of disgraceful conduct in May 2002 but not struck off until January last year after a series of unsuccessful appeals.