A 44-YEAR-OLD Barry woman narrowly escaped death when a car careered out of control and crashed into a wall outside her front door.

The vehicle came off the road at a bend on Coldbrook Road East at about 1pm on Sunday - just as Linda Hughes was getting ready to hang out her washing.

Linda, who lives with her partner Andy Bowen in a council-owned property in Vincent Court, has been left shaken by the incident.

She said: "Myself and Andy were in the lounge watching television when all of a sudden we heard a big bang, like the sound of thunder.

"I got up and looked outside and saw that a car had crashed into - and totally demolished - the wall outside our front door.

"I was so lucky, I was just about to hang out some washing. If it had happened a couple of minutes later I would have been hit."

Partner Andy believes this particular stretch of Coldbrook Road East is an accident hotspot.

He said: "People drive down here like maniacs and get caught out by the bend. It's dangerous and something should be done.

"I've been caught out a few times myself."

A spokesman for South Wales Police said: "We are currently investigating a collision between a vehicle and a wall in Vincent Court.

"Officers will be attending the scene of the incident to speak to those affected."

The Vale Council said it has no record of any recent accidents at the location but, at the request of local councillors, has launched an investigation and requested details of the incident from the police.

A spokesperson said: "In light of the police response, any necessary action will be considered.

"In relation to the damaged wall, we will be looking to clear any debris as soon as possible and to instigate a programme of works for its repair."