A CALL has been made for a Barry-born journalist’s work to be displayed in the town, following the launch of a display in Cambridge.

Gareth Jones’ diaries have now gone on display in the English city.

Mr Jones, the son of Major Edgar Jones – the headmaster at Barry County Grammar School – was a highly regarded international affairs journalist who worked for David Lloyd-George.

He was best remembered as the only Western journalist to visit the Ukraine and publish articles about the country during the Holodomor in 1932-33 - a deliberate starvation of the Ukrainian population by Stalin.

He was posthumously honoured in the Ukraine following his death at the hands of Mongolian bandits in 1935, aged 29.

Dr Ian Johnson, of Barry, said: "It is only right that someone recognised internationally for their work should also be recognised in their home town.

"It would be fantastic for Barry to have an exhibition of his diaries and work, and for a section to be devoted to him in a town museum as part of Barry’s proud history."