KIND-HEARTED workers at a Vale-based dog rescue centre have launched an urgent appeal to help fund the treatment of one of its abandoned residents.

The staff and volunteers at the Croft Rescue Kennels, in Bridgend, need to raise up to £1,500 to help ease the discomfort of Tia – a four-year-old French Bulldog – who was found wandering in the rural Vale.

A vet has diagnosed Tia with cauliflower-like bilateral proliferative growths at the entrance to her ear canals.

The condition is believed to have worsened through not being treated early The growths cause Tia major discomfort in both ears and the only cure is to have them removed from deep within the ear.

Kennel manager Janet Long said: “When Tia came in and we saw her it was unbelievable.

“The vet has seen this before, but normally very early on.

“The cost for this operation is very high.

“We have been quoted around £1,500.

“Our finances can only stretch so far with the volume of dogs we see in the kennels and we simply cannot afford to pay this.”

Janet added: “She’s a friendly character with a fantastic personality.

“She’s always bouncy and loves to come for a hug and to give kisses to anyone that will let her.

Anyone able to contribute a donation, however large or small, should call 01656 862288 or visit