A BARRY-BORN James Corden lookalike has launched an internet appeal to enable him to repeat the dance he performed on a popular television chat show.

Gareth Mason, who hails from Highlight Park in Barry, wowed viewers of BBC Two’s Graham Norton Show when he danced to the James Bond theme in front of Gavin and Stacey co-writer and Corden’s friend, Ruth Jones.

The entertainer, who acts, sings and dances and co-runs a London internet estate agency, began entertaining when he joined Anwen Little Theatre as a youngster, and was snapped up by Franco Zeffirelli to play Cicciolina in Pagliacci at The Royal Opera House in London.

Despite further appearances in Waking The Dead, filming alongside Phillip Schofield and Jamie Oliver, stage roles, a stint as comic Matt Lucas’s body double in the Pet Shop Boys video I’m With Stupid, and a role in the Pot Noodle adverts – it was his Bond dance that brought fame.

The former St Richard Gwyn RC pupil has begun a bid to perform again and his Facebook group – Get Gareth Mason Back on the Graham Norton Show – has so far seen more than 300 people sign up, with his Youtube footage attracting hits worldwide.

But Gareth, who accidentally ended up dancing for Graham when a friend dropped out, credits school drama teacher Audrey Sparks for his success.

Gareth, 26, said: "Mrs Sparks was my inspiration for doing it all.

"She was so dedicated and enthusiastic and a lot of people in our class went on to do good things.

"It takes one good teacher to make you really want to do it, and because of that I really wanted to go back and teach with her.

"She said the best reward was to see me on television," he added.

"When you get an acting job or something on television, it’s something you can’t describe.

"I thank her for everything."

James Corden has even been mistaken for Gareth while visiting the town.

Gareth, whose brother James lives in Barry and whose mum, Sian Mason is the Holton Road Bradford & Bingley branch manager, added: "When we finished filming Ruth did go, "’Oh my God you do look like James.’ "We talked about Barry.

"When they started to film Gavin and Stacey here, one of my friends stopped the car in Trinity Street and called James Corden over thinking he was me!"