Cardiff is the best city in the UK to watch the Euros according to a recent study.

A study by Live Football Tickets has crowned Cardiff as the ultimate destination for watching the Euros in the UK.

The result is based on an analysis of factors such as the number of pubs per capita, the rating of the pubs, the availability of food, the average number of screens, and whether they show commentary.

Despite Wales not qualifying for this year's tournament, the Welsh capital triumphed with a final viewing score of 9.04/10, making it the UK's top hotspot for football fans.

There are 1.5 pubs for every 10,000 people, with the pubs having an average rating of 4 out of 5.

The study found 63 per cent of Cardiff pubs show commentary and 72 per cent provide food for patrons.

Additionally, each pub boasts an average of 4.6 screens.

The study analysed cities across the UK and found that Manchester, Newcastle, and Bristol are the top three English cities for watching the Euros.

Manchester, with a score of 8.80/10, boasts the highest average number of screens per pub in the country, at 4.9.

In Newcastle Upon Tyne, a staggering 61 per cent of pubs provide food and commentary for fans, ensuring a real feast of football.

Scotland's top spot for catching the Euros is Glasgow which secured an overall score of 9.02/10, pipping Aberdeen to second place in the UK.

Glasgow's win was driven by its average number of screens per pub (4.3 vs 4.0) and the percentage of pubs which serve food (59 per cent vs 58 per cent).

Whilst Northern Ireland's capital Belfast has the highest number of pubs per capita at four per 10,000 people, it only managed to nab sixth place with a score of 8.80/10.

However, not all cities offer such a satisfying viewing experience.

Great Yarmouth is considered the worst city in the country to watch the Euros, with a score of 3.51/10.

The city suffers from a low density of pubs per capita, with just one pub for every 10,000 people, and just 10 per cent of pubs serving food.

Other poor performers in the study included Wrexham (4/10), Wokingham (4.03/10), and Rugby (4.19/10), leading to their ranking as some of the worst places to watch the Euros in the UK.

Whether it's the pull of quality pubs, a bustling atmosphere or a close-knit sense of community, Cardiff's win suggests it offers a unique mix of attractions for football fans.

So even if their national team isn't competing, Cardiff's football enthusiasts will still be enjoying the best of Euros viewing this summer.