The largest South Wales transport festival drew crowds in last weekend as more than 200 vehicles attended.

The annual Classic Car and Heritage Bus event in Barry was attended by more than 200 classic cars and more than 40 vintage and electric buses.

Among the classic car display were 30 cars over 60 years old and four over 90 years old.

There was representation from operators across several regions including Somerset, Birmingham, Cambridge and as far north as Yorkshire, with a majority of them being from various areas in Wales.

Some of the exhibitors included notable entrants from Newport Bus, Edwards Coaches, Cardiff Bus and Stagecoach South Wales.

Chairman of the heritage bus group, Mike Taylor, said: "Visitor numbers looked good easily on par with last year with seemingly greater numbers of families with young children, as you will appreciate they all loved the open top buses.

First showing of a 53 year old 1971 Western Welsh Leyland Leopard newly  restored after withdrawal as a service bus in 1985  (Image: Tudor Thomas / CTPG)

"Our free shuttle service soon operated more than every ten minutes at times although a big gap occurred as a road traffic incident involving at least six police cars in a hot-pursuit incident, closed Broad Street for about an hour.

"We were lucky providing 3-point turns at our Depot but a long queues occurred.

"We are grateful at help from visiting heritage buses from Birmingham (Midland Red), the West Country (Western National), Stroud (Stagecoach Swindon) and a bus from Cambridge (Kenzies)."

Mr Taylor also shared his thanks to the volunteers, transport industry and the South Wales Classic Car Club who made the event possible.

A standout exhibit was the Cardiff Transport Preservation Group's recently restored Western Welsh 1971 Leyland Leopard, which was driven on the road for the first time as a 45-seat bus since 1985.

The event also marked the first time an electric double decker bus has visited Barry and the Vale of Glamorgan.

Enthusiasts who would like to help restore some of the heritage buses are encouraged to contact the preservation group on