A GUIDE dog puppy with an unusual name has arrived in Barry.

Diffy, a yellow Labrador, is spending his first year with Amanda and Howard Kynaston, who will help him learn some of the behaviours he will need as a guide dog.

The pup’s name was chosen by proud Cardiffian Graham Hinchey, who raised £85,000 for Guide Dogs Cymru during his recent stint as the city’s Lord Mayor.

The couple are new to puppy raising and enjoying the experience so far.

Mrs Kynaston said: “We lost our last dog, Suki, in 2022 and weren’t ready for another dog immediately.

“Over time, we saw requests for Guide Dog puppy raisers via social media and mainstream television and thought that this could be an option to consider.”

Barry And District News: Diffy is the latest guide dog to be trained in BarryDiffy is the latest guide dog to be trained in Barry (Image: guidedog.org)

Amanda and Howard went on to say the process of initially applying to train a guide dog was relatively straight forward, and the added bonus is they get to have plenty of cuddles.

“In 2023, we decided to apply to be puppy raisers and found the process very straightforward yet thorough, including on-line application, references, a virtual interview via computer and follow up assessment at home.

“Diffy arrived at the end of March, and life has been very different since!

“The first few weeks have been very busy coping with toilet training and helping Diffy settle into his new home.

“It’s not all hard work, though, as there is also plenty of time for playing and cuddles.

“He is a lovely dog and it’s a privilege to watch him grow and develop.

“Our Puppy Development Advisor has been very supportive, plus we have access to a comprehensive programme of training, videos and advice.”

Barry And District News: Diffy is being trained by Amanda and Howard KynastonDiffy is being trained by Amanda and Howard Kynaston (Image: guidedog.org)

Applying for a guide dog puppy with guidedogs.org

Potential puppy raisers need access to a car and should be free to spend most of the day with the puppy, taking it into many varied environments – sometimes busy and difficult.

Their yard or garden must be securely fenced so that the puppy remains safely within its confines.

Guide Dogs supplies basic equipment and covers all veterinary and feeding expenses. To find out more, visit www.guidedogs.org.uk/puppyraiser.