A VALE-based computer games developer has had huge success with a recent release.

Sker Ritual, a gothic horror game with a strong Welsh backstory, was one of the best-selling PC and console games in the world following its launch last week.

The game is developed by Wales Interactive – based in Tec Marina next to Penarth marina.

Ranking above globally established games such as EA Sports FC 24, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, Sker Ritual is a follow up to the 2020 game Maid of Sker which is inspired by the Welsh folk song Y Ferch o’r Sger.

The song tells the story of Elisabeth Williams, a young woman imprisoned by her father in Sker House, a real-life location near Porthcawl, to stop her from marrying the man she loved.

In addition to the familiar locations and backstory, Welsh gamers should also listen out for snippets of Welsh dialogue and excerpts of Welsh hymns used in the soundtrack of the Sker games as they try to shoot down relentless waves of zombies.

Wales interactive, is a globally renowned, multi-award-winning video games and interactive movie publisher that has previously received funding support from Welsh Government and Creative Wales - the internal agency established to help grow the Creative sectors in Wales.

Collectively, Wales Interactive’s studio and portfolio of titles have received over 140 award nominations and over 60 accolades, not only for their creative work but also for their entrepreneurial spirit and constant innovation in their field.

Barry And District News: A screenshot of Wales' based horror computer game 'Sker Ritual'A screenshot of Wales' based horror computer game 'Sker Ritual' (Image: Supplied)

Barry And District News: Wales' Interactive are based in Tec Marina near Penarth marinaWales' Interactive are based in Tec Marina near Penarth marina (Image: Google Maps)

Dr David Banner MBE, CEO and co-founder of Wales Interactive, said: “We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive reception, support and love that Sker Ritual is getting around the world.

“And it’s great to see Creative Wales’s continued support for the growing gaming industry in Wales which has helped champion Welsh Games developers like us.”

Hannah Blythyn, the Minister for Creative Industries in Wales, said: “Huge congratulations to Wales Interactive on Sker Ritual’s success. It’s no mean feat for an independent Welsh studio to be up there competing against the likes of Call of Duty and FIFA 24 and it shows what’s possible with a little bit of support and a huge amount of talent.

“We’re proud of our thriving gaming industry and the growing games engine technology base that we have here in Wales.

“I am committed to giving games developers the backing they need continue to grow and show what’s possible in this fast-changing and exciting sector.

“Look out for more international success!”