The founder of the Dinas Powys Food Bank has been named as the first recipient of the Local Hero Award.

The decision was made by Dinas Powys Community Council, who launched the award this year to applaud the tireless efforts of the town's volunteers.

This year's award went to Mike Grove, an 80-year-old who established the Dinas Powys Food Bank.

Mr Grove's unwavering commitment to aiding local families in crisis, coupled with his role in leading the food bank for the last 12 years, earned him the accolade.

Notably, he opens the centre every Wednesday and even offers to deliver food personally to families who can't make it.

The food bank under Mr Grove's leadership has served hundreds of residents thanks to robust support from community volunteers and businesses.

Apart from acknowledging Mr Grove, council also acknowledged runners up Josh Dunleavy and Judith Anderson.

As the captain of Dinas Powys Rugby Club and a coach for the under 14's team, Mr Dunleavy has inspired young boys with his commitment to the game.

Ms Anderson, a stalwart community worker, volunteers at the Dinas Powys Village Show, successfully applies for funds, and assists in the Dinas Powys library and activity centre.

This centre, a pivotal site for the community, has been recognised as this year's Local Hero Organisation. It has more than 70 volunteers and provides a wide range of services including books, free internet, a cafe, computer access, printing and photocopying services. It also hosts groups including various crafting groups, a breastfeeding group, Yoga, Lego club and hosts monthly speakers.

Nick Phillips also received appreciation for more than 50 years of service in Dinas Powys Scouting where he runs various activities and helped to raise funds for the Scout vehicles. Mr Phillips, Mr Dunleavy and Ms Anderson were all given certificates of commendation.

Dinas Powys's newfound local hero, Mr Grove, can further pass along generosity by nominating an organisation or charity to receive £100 from the chair of the Community Council's funds.

This decision matches the overarching theme of the ceremony, reinforcing a sense of community and the importance of giving back.