RESIDENTS have complained about light pollution coming from Barry’s biomass burner, however they might have to put up with it.

Despite owners Aviva being thwarted in their efforts to spark up the incinerator, lights are on, and residents are not happy.

Photos show glaring white lights, fitted across the facility, shining across the Barry dock area at night.

One resident said on ‘Stop the Aviva Incinerator’ Facebook page: “Photos sent to us by a member of the group of the unused incinerator, that is lit up like this every night.

“The first two photos were taken last night (March 26) at 11pm, and the third photo was taken tonight (March 27).

“Can any of our councillors help with stopping this light pollution? This is excessive to say the least and residents shouldn’t have to put up with it!”

All photos by Cheryl Ockerby

Barry And District News: Residents are furious at the lights coming onResidents are furious at the lights coming on (Image: Facebook)

However, despite residents’ concerns, Vale Council say the light is “unlikely to give rise to a statutory nuisance”.

Vale Council’s planning department put their foot down on Aviva’s ambitions to spark up the burner at a crucial Vale Council planning meeting on March 21.

However, in respect of the light issue, the council say there is not much that can or should be done.

A council spokesperson said: “The council's planning committee refused Barry Biomass’ retrospective bid for planning permission when it sat recently, although this decision was not related to light pollution.

“The Shared Regulatory Service (SRS) deals with concerns about noise, light and other nuisance for the Vale, Cardiff and Bridgend local authority areas.

“SRS colleagues are of the view that due to the distance between this particular site and local residents the lights are unlikely to give rise to a statutory nuisance.”

Barry And District News: The council say not much can be done about the lightsThe council say not much can be done about the lights (Image: Facebook)

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Barry’s biomass incinerator has been through a long, protracted and often painful process of being built in the town despite many residents’ objections.

Barry And District News: Barry's energy incinerator has not been welcomed by residents...Barry's energy incinerator has not been welcomed by residents... (Image: Newsquest)

The biomass website states that its plant heats waste wood chip at a high temperature to power a steam turbine and producing 10Mwe of energy - enough to power 27,000 homes.

Aviva Investors are currently said to be reviewing the latest decision made by Vale Council’s planning committee.