A Barry man has been sentenced with a community order after assaulting a woman in Bute Park in Cardiff.

Phillip Daniel, 32, grabbed a female jogger as she ran near the outdoor gym in the direction of the city centre at around 11:40 am on Tuesday, January 31.

The victim bravely pushed him away and made the quick decision to take a photograph of the suspect with her mobile phone.

Using retrospective facial recognition on the mobile phone footage, officers identified the suspect as Phillip Daniel, who was known to police.

Daniel was arrested the following day, charged, and later pleaded guilty to assault by beating.

On Wednesday, March 13, Daniel returned to Cardiff Magistrates’ Court where he was sentenced to a community order.

He must also pay £500 compensation plus a £80 fine and £114 surcharge.

A spokesperson for South Wales Police said: “Everyone has the right to feel safe, wherever they are, and nobody should be subjected to violence, harassment, and intimidation.

“Tackling violence and abuse against women and girls is a long-standing priority for South Wales Police and we recognise that concern regarding personal safety and violence is as great as it has ever been.

"As well as high-visibility and plain-clothed patrols, we are involved in a wide range of initiatives to tackle violence and abuse including StreetSafe and the Cardiff Safety Bus.”