A UNIQUE self-serve bridal shop has opened at one of Barry's most innovative shopping districts.

The concept behind 'Silver Sixpence Bridal' is to provide brides-to-be with a relaxed and pressure-free environment to find their dream dress.

Unlike traditional bridal shops, Silver Sixpence Bridal operates on a self-serve basis.

Brides book a free appointment and are provided with a code to access the shop the day before their appointment.

This allows them to try on dresses at their own pace, with their family and friends, without the presence of sales staff.

Anita, the owner of Silver Sixpence Bridal and the founder of Lush Blooms Bespoke Floristry at Goodsheds, recognised the need for a more relaxed and sustainable approach to wedding dress shopping.

"As someone who’s so heavily involved in the Wedding industry, I noticed that the fate of a lot of wedding dresses isn’t always a happy one," said Anita.

"Coupled with the fact that so many brides dread shopping for their dress, feel self-conscious and pressured, I really hope Silver Sixpence Bridal will bridge the gap for a lot of brides to be, who are looking for a unique shopping experience, with no sales pressure and whilst also helping the environment and preventing textile waste."

Barry And District News: Silver Sixpence is now in the GoodshedsSilver Sixpence is now in the Goodsheds (Image: Supplied)

The selection of gowns at Silver Sixpence Bridal consists of vintage, thrifted, and never-worn dresses, providing brides with a unique and eco-friendly option for their big day.

With no sales pressure and no appointment fees, Silver Sixpence Bridal aims to make the dress shopping experience enjoyable and accessible for all.

The opening of Silver Sixpence Bridal ties in perfectly with Goodsheds' recent expansion into the wedding industry.

Goodsheds now serves as a unique wedding venue which offers couples a picturesque setting, customisable spaces, and a range of services to facilitate every aspect of their special day.

Barry And District News: Goodsheds now offers itself as a wedding venueGoodsheds now offers itself as a wedding venue (Image: Goodsheds)

"We believe that the concept of Silver Sixpence Bridal will resonate with brides in Barry and beyond," said Celyn Evans, head of marketing and sales at Goodsheds.

“The introduction of Silver Sixpence Bridal adds another layer of charm and convenience to the vibrant community of Goodsheds.”

For more information about Silver Sixpence Bridal, visit their Instagram page: @silversixpencebridal or visit Goodsheds website, https://www.goodshedsbarry.co.uk.

For wedding party enquiries: enquiries@goodshedsbarry.co.uk